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Article: Hawaii wedding statistics

Hawaii wedding statistics

Hawaii wedding statistics

Hawaii destination wedding facts & statistics for 2023

With its stunning weather, breathtaking natural beauty, and picture-perfect beaches, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to tie the knot in Hawaii.  

To illustrate just how popular Hawaii is for weddings, we’ve compiled a list of Hawaii wedding facts and statistics. All information is the most up-to-date available at the time of publishing.


Key Hawaii wedding statistics:

  • There were 18,498 weddings in Hawaii in 2021
  • 60% of weddings in Hawaii are destination weddings
  • Honolulu hosts more than half of all Hawaii weddings
  • The average Hawaii wedding costs $35,934

How many weddings are there in Hawaii each year?

There were a total of 18,498 weddings in Hawaii (State) in 2021.

11,122 (around 60%) of these were marriages where destination weddings where both people were non-residents.

897 (around 5%) of these marriages were same-sex marriages.

What is the most popular Hawaiian island for weddings?

Hawaii’s capital, Honolulu is the most popular place to get married in Hawaii, having accounted for more than half of all marriages in Hawaii in 2021 (including marriages of both residents and non-residents)

The second most popular island was Maui (including Kalawao) with 4,659 weddings, followed by Hawaii (2,209) and Kauai (1,677).

  • Honolulu: 9,943 weddings 
  • Maui (including Kalawao): 4,659
  • Hawaii: 2,209
  • Kauai: 1,677

When is the best time to get married in Hawaii?

According to, most weddings in Hawaii happen in May, July and October while March, February and January see the fewest number of weddings.

What is the average cost of a wedding in Hawaii?

According to The Wedding Report, the average cost of a wedding in Hawaii in 2021 was $35,934.

Meanwhile, a  report by The Knot estimates that number to be closer to $32,900.

However, others believe these figures are too high. For example, Hawaii-based wedding planners, Weddings of Hawaii suggest that most couples can have a destination Hawaii wedding for around $6,000, which includes flights, a hotel, and the wedding itself.

Ultimately there are many factors that can impact the cost of a wedding in Hawaii, including the time of year, the venue, the catering, and the number of guests. 

How many people honeymoon in Hawaii? 

In 2021 more than a quarter of a million people (273,529) travelled to Hawaii, either to get married or go on their honeymoon.

How much does the average honeymoon to Hawaii cost?

The Hawaii vacation planning resource, The Hawaii Vacation Guide estimates that a  one-week trip to Maui for two people would cost approximately $5,000 on average.

For a more luxurious honeymoon lasting 8 days, the cost is estimated to be closer to $7,000. This includes flights, accommodation, food & drink, and a snorkelling excursion.


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