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Tungsten Carbide Ring with Olive and Ebony Wood Inlay

SKU: TUR0080
Sale price$99.00

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Ring Size:

Ring Specifications

  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Width: 8mm
  • Shape: Flat
  • Inlay Style: Duo (Olive & Ebony)
  • Fitment: Comfort
  • Size Availability: 8-13 (includes half sizes) 

A tungsten carbide ring featuring olive wood and ebony wood offset inlay, expertly crafted for lifelong endurance and shine. Made with a tungsten carbide band, this ring is wrought from one of the strongest metals used in the jewelry industry. Cobalt-free, this ring is hypoallergenic to most individuals. 

Olive wood is deep brown in coloring with strong, oil-like grain patterns that is a beautiful distinguishing feature: no two olive wood products are identical. The ebony wood inlay also adds to this ring’s uniqueness, with its display of deep black and grey streaks. Together, the strength of its band, along with the warm hues of the olive wood, and dark ebony wood inlays result in a piece that is totally singular and made to last more than one lifetime.

Perfect for occasions such as weddings or anniversaries, this tungsten carbide rings symbolizes a new promise to your partner. A ring is just not a 'ring' but an 'opening chapter' and it creates something unfathomable... or it may just be 'everlasting love'.

Note: The tungsten will contain a very small amount of nickel. The nickel % is so small that it will be hypoallergenic.

Your ring will be shipped directly from Honolulu, Hawaii.

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