Solid Stainless Steel Money Clip with Black Enamel Lining & Hawaiian Koa Wood Inlay

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SKU: HJR0064

This stainless steel money clip beautifully crafted with the Hawaiian koa, which is a exotic wood that originates from the Big Island of Hawaii. Different parts of the island yields a distinctive hue to the color of the wood. The beautiful colors ranges from yellow or greenish-yellow, through orange, brown, and red, to almost black, and hues of different colors can be derived from a single trunk.

Handcrafted in Hawaii, each wooden face is individually selected for unique grain and quality, ensuring authenticity and bold distinction.

Approximate measurement: 1.6"(W) x 2.25"(L).

★FREE Laser engraving on back side of clip upon purchase★

This will be a laser engraving service for the interior of the ring.

Please view our exchange policy for engraved rings for more details.

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