14K Gold Hawaiian Jewelry Sun Flower Motif & Old English Design [8mm width] Standard Width


SKU: HJR0152

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This exquisite 14K Gold Hawaiian ring is a perfect collection for a Hawaiian Jewelry enthusiast. It features a lovely sunflower motif with an Old English design.This Hawaiian jewelry piece is handcrafted with 14K gold and has a sunflower pattern that will make it stand out. It also has a yellow diamond that will look amazing with any outfit. These rings are made to order and come in many different sizes. This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to express their love of Hawaii or who is looking for a piece of Hawaiian jewelry.

This will be a laser engraving service for the interior of the ring.

Please view our exchange policy for engraved rings for more details.

Simply skip this option if you do not want your ring engraved.

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