Pair of Titanium Rings [4&6mm widths] Meteorite

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SKU: RS0075

Item Specifications
  • Material: Titanium
  • Width: 4&6mm
  • Shape: Barrel / Dome
  • Inlay: Meteorite
  • Inlay Style: Single
  • Fitment: Comfort

Product Description

Pair of Titanium Rings crafted from four and six millimeter Meteorite. Titanium Rings are renowned for their superior strength and low weight, making them an ideal choice for everyday wear and durability. Meteorite gives it a unique look and adds a touch of character.

This premium pair of titanium rings, crafted in Hawaii, features a 4mm and 6mm width set composed of genuine meteorite material sourced from outer space. These rings are sure to impress any onlookers with their unique design and signature of style.

Your item will be shipped directly from Honolulu, Hawaii.

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