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Ring Care Guide

Rings can seem to be an afterthought after some wear, and we don’t really think there’s any maintenance they need. This can be especially true since rings are some of the jewelry we take off the least, yet go through the most. It’s important to know exactly what type of maintenance is needed on the ring type.

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Wooden Rings

These are a great alternative to metal-based rings that provide a certain look and warmth to them. They are specially coated with resin to protect the wooded part for a long time, but that doesn't protect it from all the elements. These types of rings are not always water-resistant, so it's sometimes not ideal when you go for a swim. 

You want to avoid any cleaning solvents (save standard soap), because they could eat away at the resin and the wood eventually over time. 

Tungsten Carbide Rings

These rings are some of the most beautiful options. Their name means heavy stone and they're ceramic-based. The only thing stronger on the hardness scale is a diamond. As part of the ceramic family, they're also hypoallergenic. 

Tungsten may lose its shine over time, but also be careful with using cleaners and polishers that may be too strong, as it might damage the ring. Keep in mind you cannot adjust the size of a tungsten ring, so consider trying a ring on or knowing your exact size. 

Other Ceramic Rings

A great beautiful-looking material, ceramic rings are also one of the easier rings to clean and maintain. They are hypoallergenic, heat resistant, and are extremely durable and hard. On top of that, they are extremely affordable and come with some modern designs versus traditional ring designs. They are extremely easy to clean and usually, a wet cloth is enough to wipe off the dirt and dust and keep it looking fresh and new. 

Zirconium Rings

These are easy in how they should be cared for. They are one of the most scratch-resistant and durable rings available. These are perfect for those with an active lifestyle that wants something that can get a few bangs without them damaging the ring. Cleaning them is quite easy as well, with just some soap and water. You shouldn’t shower with Zirconium rings or keep them wet for too long as that is where they might start to get damaged a bit. 

Titanium Rings

These are extremely durable and work well with someone who’s active. You can use common household cleaners if mild soap and water aren’t enough, as these can take a lot. Titanium is one of the strongest metals out there. It’s almost a challenge to try to get them banged up! 

You can swim with them or do a triathlon. These rings will stand the endurance test. These are a great option for those that want the minimal level of maintenance.

Precious Metal Rings

With these, you're looking at gold or platinum rings. These have quite the luster on them, but gold is quite a soft metal, so over time, it can accumulate some scratches. You can go to a jeweler to get those fixed and you should use a specialized jewelry cleaning solution to clean these rings. 

Platinum is delicate and needs the same type of specialized cleaning solutions for platinum only when you want to clean your rings properly. Keep both Platinum and Gold-based rings away from any types of harsh cleaners such as bleach. 

In the end, preventative care is the most important when it comes to your rings. Mild soap and water work well for all of these ring types (except for platinum), and if you need to decide whether to keep it on or off, take it off. Just let the wife know!

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