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Our Stainless-Steel Wedding Bands

Our Stainless-Steel Wedding Bands

Aloha! Hawaii is one of the world’s most popular destinations for honeymoons. So why not celebrate life and love with a Hawaiian inspired wedding ring?

Here at Happy Laulea, we offer wedding rings which feature many original materials, some of which are local to Hawaii, such as Koa wood. This wood’s name in Hawaiian means ‘brave, fearless and warrior’. Our second most common tree in Hawaii, it has been used to make canoes, bodyboards, guitars and ukuleles!

Among our range of wedding bands are stainless steel rings, combined with Koa wood and Abalone shell. Stainless steel is increasingly popular for its durability, lightness and scratch resistance, and for the fact it also looks amazing. Abalone shell is a beautiful, iridescent material from shells. With strong changeable colours, it is a lovely feature on a wedding ring.

Save money on stunningly original wedding bands.

Many of our wedding rings are currently reduced in price, and you’ll find they’re a real bargain. However, they will never look cheap, and are both original and of the highest quality.

You can add an engraving to any of our rings, including our stainless-steel bands. Many of our rings come in couple sets, so you can have matching rings.

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