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Our Stainless-Steel Wedding Bands

Our Stainless-Steel Wedding Bands

Are you planning to propose in 2017?

If you’re looking for special jewellery, HappyLaulea would love to be a part of your day with our matching wedding bands.

If you’re looking to buy a wedding ring and want to deviate from silver and gold, consider our stainless-steel rings.

Stainless steel jewellery has become all the de rigour in the past few years. Known for its durability, unlike silver, this type of metal won’t tarnish. With its bright silvery finish, it’s also highly attractive and since it’s strong enough for industrial parts, it makes long-lasting jewellery. In fact, stainless steel is as strong as titanium.

Its lustre and durability makes it an attractive and affordable alternative to silver.

Choose from many stunning materials at HappyLaulea.

At HappyLaulea, our wedding bands come in a variety of metals, including hi-tech ceramic, sterling silver, gold, platinum and titanium. Many also feature a koa wood inlay- a beautiful wood that’s indigenous to Hawaii.

Among our collection of stainless steel wedding rings is this Stainless-Steel Ring with Koa Wood, which includes a thin strip of turquoise inlay.

This beautiful ring, which encapsulates the surfing culture of Hawaii, is only $59.00.

Explore our collection of stainless steel rings today.

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