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Our Platinum Wedding Rings

Our Platinum Wedding Rings

Why make it gold when it can be platinum? This silvery white metal is stunningly beautiful and will never fade or change colour.

Here are just a few more reasons to choose platinum for your wedding ring….

Platinum is also actually stronger than gold and, even when it’s scratched, develops what’s known as a patina finish. This is so attractive some people even like to have this effect to begin with. Since it’s extremely rare, platinum has traditionally been associated with exclusivity and wealth. So, if you want to bring a regal air to your wedding, you can’t go wrong with this precious metal.

Where can I buy unique platinum wedding rings?

Platinum is a gorgeous choice for wedding bands, which we have number of at HappyLaulea, including this Hand-Engraved Platinum Ring. This Hawaiian themed ring is engraved with a traditional Old English design which features a combination of the Hawaiian Plumeria, Maile Leaf and the crest of a wave.

We also have this ring in 14k gold from $124.00.

If you love the idea of silvery white metal matched with gold, this Hand-engraved Tri-Colour Ring is a wonderful choice for weddings or engagements.

Why choose your Platinum Wedding Ring from HappyLaulea?

With our hand-engraved designs, you’ll to be purchasing a special piece of jewellery.

We are keen to help find the ring that expresses your love and devotion.

Browse our range of Platinum Wedding Bands today.