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Our Handcrafted Wedding Rings

Our Handcrafted Wedding Rings

The wearing of wedding rings is a tradition that dates back to the Romans, although they have also been discovered in Ancient Egypt; and it’s a tradition that remains very special. Many people wear their wedding rings so long, it creates an indentation in the skin.

No other piece of jewellery will ever be more important; so it’s always worth searching for ‘the one’.

Why have an ordinary wedding ring, when you can have a handcrafted piece?

At HappyLaulea we have a stunning collection of handcrafted wedding rings, that you’ll want to treasure for a lifetime. All our handcrafted rings are highly unique and offer a comfortable fit- we always make sure both the inlay and fit are perfect.

To make your rings even more unique, they can also be engraved. Even better, we have a number of Couple’s Sets so your rings will mirror one another.

Among our range of handcrafted rings are these Mother of Pearl Wedding Rings. These rings are made using tungsten, which has a similar density to gold (and is four times harder than Titanium). Tungsten is also extremely scratch resistant, so will last beyond your diamond anniversary.

They also feature Abalone Shell, which is considered to have healing properties and promotes feeling of peace, beauty, compassion and love.

Many of our wedding rings are currently sold at discounted prices. Discover more about our handcrafted wedding rings.