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Our Custom Engagement Rings

Our Custom Engagement Rings

Are you ready to propose to a loved-one and are looking for the perfect engagement ring? Are you planning to propose over Christmas?

At HappyLaulea we have many custom engagement rings to make your proposal extra special.

Our rings are made using unique materials, like Tungsten Carbide, Hi-Tech Ceramic and Platinum, along with popular well-known precious metals like gold and sterling silver.

Specially-made engagement rings that are rich in symbolism.

Our custom engagement rings include this stunning 14K White Gold Solitaire Black Diamond Engagement Ring with Tungsten Carbide Ebony Wood. This dramatically beautiful ring is a wonderful way to kick off any engagement; having been handcrafted and made locally in Hawaii, the wood and its colour is strongly associated with prestige and luxury.

We also have this 14K White Gold Engagement Ring with a sparkling 24CT diamond. Combining natural wood with scintillating metal, this custom engagement ring offers the best of both worlds.

You can also have a laser engraving service, to make the ring even more unique. Why not include a special message for your loved-one?

Why not browse our range of engagement rings today?

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