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Our Collection Of Titanium Wedding Rings

Our Collection Of Titanium Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is more than a piece of jewellery- it represents a new chapter in your life. So, why choose titanium for your wedding ring?

Although it’s the ninth most abundant on earth, titanium was only discovered in 1791.

Associated with uber-strength, it was named after the Greek gods, the Titans. Forged in the depths of supernovas, otherwise known as collapsing stars, this is undoubtedly a special metal to have as a wedding ring. Its colour is similar to Tungsten Carbide, but it is three times the strength of steel.

Highly resistant to corrosion, a titanium wedding ring will be stronger than gold, reflecting the strength of your union. Because it’s inert, it’s also ideal for people with allergies.

At HappyLaulea we have a beautiful collection of titanium wedding rings, including this top -rated Titanium Ring with a Hawaiian heritage design. The design features the scroll (wave of the ocean) and the maile leaf.

In Hawaiian culture, the maile leaf represents love, honour and respect, with the leaf traditionally placed over people’s shoulders. As part of a floral lei, it conveys the spirit of aloha.

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