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Looking for Unique Gold Wedding Rings?

Looking for Unique Gold Wedding Rings?

Have you always wanted a classic gold wedding ring, but would prefer it to have a modern twist?

Ever since it was first discovered, gold has played an important part in human societies. From the Egyptians, who used it on their tombs, to the goldsmiths of ancient Mesopotamia, it has always withstood the vagaries of time.

Gold wedding rings are still prized as the foremost metal for nuptials: it’s not only extremely malleable, but classically beautiful.

At HappyLaulea, we have many stunning 14 K solid gold rings with which to celebrate your love.

HappyLaulea currently have a sale on our wedding and couple rings, including this Assorted Hawaiian Wedding Ring Set.

These beautiful gold wedding rings are perfect for couples who want rings that mirror one another but are also distinctly different.

The barrel style rings feature gold inlayed with Koa wood. The smaller ring features a Hawaiian flower and wave edges, to remind you of our beautiful island. These gold wedding rings are currently reduced from $399.00 to $359.10.

If you would prefer a simple band, we also have a 14 K Simply Gold Wedding Band.

Browse our range of gold wedding rings today.