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Handmade Hawaiian Wedding Rings

Handmade Hawaiian Wedding Rings

Did you know that ancient cultures believed the forth finger on the left hand has a special vein called the Vena Amoris?

Otherwise known as the ‘Vein of Love’, it ran from the finger to the heart, which is why it was chosen for your wedding ring.

Wedding rings have been used since the time of Ancient Egypt to signify love and commitment. However, the tradition of both the bride and groom wearing rings only began during the Second World War, when men began wearing them to remember their wives back home.

Like your wedding photographs, your ring is one of the few things that remains after the big day has taken place. It is the one piece of jewellery you’re likely to wear every day. The one piece of jewellery that is a result of a celebration of love. Naturally you want to get the choice of ring spot-on.

When looking for handmade wedding rings made using beautiful materials, explore our exquisite collection at HappyLaulea.

HappyLaulea produce all our handmade wedding rings on the beautiful island of Hawaii, using many natural materials found in this US state.

Our handmade wedding rings include those that comes in sets of two, so couples can have jewellery which mirrors one another.

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