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Gorgeous Wedding Ring Sets

Gorgeous Wedding Ring Sets

If you’re looking for wedding rings for your partner, why not buy a set so you can have similar rings?

At HappyLaulea we have many beautiful wedding rings sets, including this pair of Koa Wood Rings with Mid-Strip Abalone Shell and Turquoise features. The metal is stainless steel, which an increasingly popular choice for jewellery.

Koa wood is a native wood to Hawaii and has a wonderful chatoyancy, otherwise known as a ‘cat’s eye’ effect, an optical phenomenon that is extremely beautiful. The colour of Koa wood ranges from yellow through to brown and red.

When combined with stainless steel and abalone shell, it looks truly stunning. This gorgeous set of rings is currently reduced from $118.00 to $99.00.

For wedding ring sets which capture the spirit of Hawaii, look to our gold and silver set.

These barrel style rings have stunning hand-engraved patterns, which include the hibiscus flower: a national symbol of liveliness and happiness. Instantly associated with Hawaiian culture, it also represents the love flowering between two people. These flowers are often worn as wreaths when visiting Hawaii!

What better symbol with which to get married?

Check out our wedding ring sets today.

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